Shiba Inu Traders: Uncertain Shibarium Launch Date Causes Concern

• Shibarium mainnet launch date remains uncertain, sparking concerns among Shiba Inu traders.
• SHIB and BONE are in a bear trend with SHIB entering the oversold region.
• The testnet continues to progress, with 19.4 million transactions, 16.7 million wallet addresses and 1.2 million blocks recorded as of this writing.

Shibarium Mainnet Launch Date Uncertain

The launch date for Shiba Inu’s highly anticipated Shibarium mainnet is still being determined, leading to doubts concerning its timeline. Initially, enthusiasts were led to believe that the launch would take place sometime between the second and third quarters of 2023, but no specific date has been confirmed yet by a trusted promoter of the cryptocurrency.

SHIB and BONE Price Trend

Both SHIB and BONE tokens have seen a bearish price trend on the daily timeframe chart, with SHIB particularly dropping more than 20%. This decline has pushed it into an oversold zone as indicated by its Relative Strength Index (RSI). On the other hand, BONE token traded at approximately $0.6 reflecting a loss of nearly 9% and was also in a strong bear trend according to its RSI which was below 40.

Testnet Progress

The testnet for Shibarium continued to progress despite uncertainties surrounding its mainnet launch date, as reported by Puppynet scanner. As of now, it has witnessed an impressive number of transactions which exceeded 19.4 million along with 16.7 million wallet addresses and 1.2 million blocks recorded so far as per the scanner information. There were however temporary disruptions which caused hours of downtime in the previous report but these have settled now with the scanner operational once again providing users with up-to-date information about upcoming developments regarding Shibarium mainnet launch date .

Should Shiba Inu Traders Be Worried?

With no certain timeline regarding Shibarium’s mainnet launch date yet announced , Shiba Inu traders should be aware that there could potentially be delays in its release . Both SHIB and BONE tokens are currently trading at losses due to their bearish trends , making them vulnerable investments until further updates . Thus , caution should be taken before investing in these cryptocurrencies or any related projects under development .


While there remain questions about when exactly Shibarium’s mainnet will be released , progress is being made on its testnets which have already surpassed 19 4 million transactions , 16 7 million wallet addresses and 1 2 million blocks . With both SHIB and BONE tokens exhibiting bearish trends amid uncertainty regarding their future performance , traders should proceed cautiously before investing any funds into these cryptocurrencies or associated projects .