Ethereum Price Prediction: Bulls Eyeing $1680, Can It Break?

• Ethereum has seen substantial volatility in the past week, with prices fluctuating from $1555 to $1714.
• The 4-hour market structure is bearish and a breakout past $1680 could send ETH up to $1760 or even as far as $2000.
• Open Interest and Spot CVD have declined alongside the price, so a recovery will likely not be seen until there is an increase in OI.

Ethereum Price Volatility

Ethereum has experienced considerable fluctuations over the past week, ranging from $1555 to $1714. January was overall bullish, but that momentum appears to have slowed down since then.

4-Hour Market Structure

The 4-hour market structure currently looks bearish, with buyers waiting for a deeper pullback and sellers targeting the $1680 mark. If ETH does break through this level, it’s expected to bounce up to at least $1760 or even as high as $2000.

Risk/Reward Considerations

Traders looking for entry points should consider their risk/reward ratio carefully when entering long positions following a breakthrough of the resistance at $1680. A stop-loss order set below the support level of $1535 would help protect against losses if ETH fails to rise above this point.

Open Interest & Spot CVD

Open Interest and Spot CVD have decreased along with Ethereum’s price decline, which suggests that traders are not willing to fade any potential pumps on lower timeframes. To spark a recovery in ETH prices, there needs to be an increase in OI alongside the price surge.


Overall, Ethereum has shown significant volatility in recent weeks but looks set for further gains if it can break above the resistance at $1680. Traders need to plan their risk management carefully before entering any long positions due to potential losses if Ether fails to rise above its key support level of 1535 USDT per token. An increase in Open Interest may also be necessary for an upward recovery of Ethereum prices going forward