Can Bulls Reverse the Tide of Selling in Aptos? June Brings New Hope

• The Aptos network has seen positive developments, such as a rise in network activity and a decline in gas fees.
• However, the token itself is on a severe downtrend since February.
• Investors with a longer investment horizon can keep an eye on the $6.8-$9.7 area, known as the golden pocket.

Aptos – What will June Bring?

Recent Developments

The Aptos blockchain operates on Move – a language based on Rust – and recently released its Move 1.3 update which added value to the network. In addition, there has been an increase in network activity and a decrease in gas fees over recent weeks.

Price Prediction 2023-24

Despite these positive developments, the APT token is still on a severe downtrend since February after rallying strongly during January this year. Drawing Fibonacci retracement levels from the rally reveals that investors should pay attention to the $6.8-$9.7 area – known as the golden pocket – for potential long-term gains if the bulls are able to reverse this trend of selling in June 2021.


Since 9 May 2021, Aptos has been trading within or just above this golden pocket range without making any new lows yet suggesting that it might be consolidating before another potential rally depending on how bullish sentiment develops over June 2021. Furthermore, this price action also corresponds to a bullish order block located at around $7.6-$8.3 which may add further strength to any future uptrends should it occur this month or later down the line .


June 2021 could prove pivotal for Aptos’s fortunes with regards to long-term investments and any potential reversal of its current bearish trend over recent months due to its location around key support levels and bullish order blocks that could influence its future price movements if sentiment turns more favourable towards cryptocurrencies or Aptos’s own features attract more users onto its platform over June 2021 itself or later down the line .


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