Binance poll: HODL still dominates among investors

Giant Binance has unveiled the results of a survey of cryptocurrency investors. He reveals that while the number of investors has skyrocketed, the investment style remains the same, with Bitcoin Lifestyle dominating against other uses.

Binance poll asks cryptocurrency investors

As indicated e the report of Binance , the survey asked investors from September to October 2020. It shows first of all that a significant fringe of respondents (52%) consider the cryptomonnaie as a way to generate income . For 15% of them, cryptocurrency is even their main source of income.

In terms of uses, HODL still largely dominates (39% of people questioned). We note, however, a breakthrough in DeFi and staking, since 22% of respondents report holding cryptocurrencies for this purpose. Unsurprisingly, cryptocurrency payments are more limited: 11% of respondents say they use their assets in this way.

Bitcoin and DeFi remain big winners

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is showing its interest particularly in Southeast Asia, where more than 52% of users report using decentralized applications (dApps) related to this field. In addition, 66% of all DeFi users use this type of dApps.

Regarding preferred cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) remains king among investors , since 65% report holding it. Most allocate 1 to 30% of their wallets to the largest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is s years surprise followed by Binance Coin (NBB) in users of the exchange, with 57% who hold its native currency. Next is Ether (ETH), with 56% of respondents.

The vast majority of investors report having confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies . It should also be noted that few of them (3%) regret their cryptocurrency purchases. 12% of them would have liked to buy more cryptocurrency. Binance’s poll is limited, but it does show trends seen elsewhere, with Bitcoin now widely viewed as an investment asset.